Fueling the creative spark in children since 1989

Over the last three decades, KWC Performing Arts has worked hard to cultivate a community of talented theatre professionals. These performers, writers, composers, and producers have lent their time and talent to the mentorship of our students in our summer camps and year-round classes. We believe in the power of a well-rounded theatre educational experience and lean on these experts to help us uplift our students. We couldn’t do it without the help of our Associated Artists: 

Pam Adair — Song Writer, Vocal Direction
Jay Adkins — Music Producer
Chase Ainsworth — Actor
Kathryn Albright — Writer
Ehleshea Anderson — Actor/Director/Acting Coach
Ricky Anderson II — Actor/Improv
Major Attaway — Actor
Frieda Austin — Dance
Vanessa Rohrer Barker — Theatre Specialist
Deborah Barr — Stage Manager
Christa Beacham — Dance
Aaron Bell — Scenic Designer
Lindy Benton-Muller — Actress/Music Director
Kristi Bingham — Singer/Song Writer
Courtney Boma — Writer
Beth Bontley — Actor/ Director
Thomas Brandon — Writer
Rhonda Kohl Brandon — Theater Educator
Tracy Bristol — Artist
Kevin Bulgarelli — Writer
Jaime Castañeda — Director
BJ Cleveland — Actor/Director
Jakie Cabe — Actor
Costa Caglage — Lighting Technician
David Coffee — Actor
Kristin Cox — Dance
Chris Curtis — Songwriter
John Dahlander — Writer
Winston Daniels — Actor
Brandi Daughtery — Singer/Songwriter
Lindy Davis — Music Director
Kelvin Dilks — Actor
Jason Domm — Technical Director
Yvonne Duque — Actor/Director
Glen Ellman — Photographer,
Karen Fox — Writer
Brandon Garceau — Musician
Mikala Gibson — Actor/Director
Lorie Grandclair-Diaz — Actress
Eugene Gwozdz — Composer
Lane Bernardez Hackemack — Stage Manager
Seancollin Hankins — Scenic Designer
Todd Hart — Actor
Matt Hembree — Songwriter
Rachel Hull — Theater Educator
Heather Humphery — Scenic Designer
Elisabeth Ivy — Singer
Melian Izotova — Ballet
Brittany Jenkins — Dancer/Choreographer
Cody Jenkins — Actor
Andre Johnson — Motivational Speaker
Michael Johnson — Writer/Actor/Director
Melissa Jobe — Graphic Artist
Blake Jung — Sound Engineer
Chad R. Jung — Lighting Design,
Deborah Jung — Director/Writer
Loli Kantor — Photographer
Jay Kay — Scenic Artist/Carpenter
Cheryl King — Music Direction
Pat Kinlough — Carpenter
Michelle Kinser — Dancer
Rhonda Kohl — Actor/Director/Writer
Tyler Krieg — Actor
Krista Langford — Dance
David Lanza — Song Writer/Sound Designer
Bob Lavallee — Scenic Designer
Elise Lavallee — Dance
Drenda Lewis — Costume Designer
Lynn Lewis — Poet
Art Lippa — Actor
Kate Lovelady — Director/Writer/Vocal Direction
Brittny Mahan — Tap/Costume Designer
Missy Matherne — Musical Theatre Specialist
Malissa McGee — Choreographer
Shannon McGrann — Actor
Mark Miller — Music Director
Richard Morrison — Head Carpenter
Michael Muller — Actor
Christopher Hudson Myers — Actor,
Steve Neal — Poet
Joseph W. Neely Reynolds — Musician
Jule Nelson-Duac — Actor/Director/Acting Coach
Georgianna Noel — Dance
Taylor Otey — Actress
Michael Pellechia — Songwriter
Teresa Pels — Writer
Ana F. Pettit — Production Coordinator
Michael Plantz — Vocal/Music Direction
Colleen Power — Costume Designer
Lauren Power — Costume Designer
Matt Ransdell — Writer/Spoken Word
Zak Reynolds — Actor
Alyssa Robbins — Dance/Actor
Caitlin Ryland — Dance
Stephen Senisch — Theater Technician
Andrew Shaw — Actor
Dalton Sherman — Motivational Speaker
Joshua Sherman — Actor
Ragan Rhodes Sims — Singer/Songwriter
Hailli Ridsdale — Stage Manager
Ed Smith — Actor
Tom Spahn — Composer
Debby Stein — Dance
Alanna Stern — Actor
Maegan Stewart — Dance
Phoebe Strole — Actress
Michael Sylvester — Dance
Ra Byn Taylor — Sound Consultant
Clifton Theibaud — Writer
Martina Trevino — Photographer
Victor Trevino — Actor/Singer
Gary Turk — Writer
Sean Urbantke — Scenic Designer
Ross Vick III — Musician/Songwriter
Alex Vorse — Songwriter
Mark Walker — Scenic Designer
Elise Wattman — Pianist/Vocal Performance/Composer
Taylor Willis — Film Maker
Elizabeth Wills — Song Writer
Noah Wilson — Writer
Hope Wilton — Actress/Director
Chase York — Designer/Actor/Film Maker
Philip Zielke — Technical Director