Where The Arts Intersect with Entrepreneurial Leadership

KidPower is the leadership and entrepreneur training arm of KWC Performing Arts, providing 1st grade to college-aged students with real world leadership experiences and empowering them to live to their full potential.

Everything we do at KWC starts with leadership and we give all students the chance to discover their true leadership potential! Our leaders return summer after summer for Camp+Leadership, a unique entrepreneur leadership experience packed with intense fun.

What is KidPower?

KidPower is based on 3 Basic Powers

At the heart of the KidPower model are three essential powers that Deborah Jung discovered children possess and is often lost as adults:

  • Kids are Tenacious!
  • Kids Expect the Answer to be Yes!
  • Kids Believe in the Impossible!
KidPower Teens Loading truck
NY Broadway Teens Work

How KidPower Works

KidPower Leadership Training is a specific sequential design program based on a leadership team foundation. These teams share familial stories and corporate culture to define power, set goals, and write an action plan for specific initiatives. The plan is then implemented and revisited consistently, and at the end of any project or corporate year. At the end of the project,  the leadership team evaluates their combined work and uses those experiences to prepare for future initatives. This exercises develops  organization and  leadership growth from project to project and year to year.

Students who serve on the KidPower Leadership Team receive 40-75 hours of Leadership Training and 140-275 hours of hands-on leadership experience serving as many as 400 kids throughout the summer. From leading team-building activities to ensuring everyone at camp makes a new friend, the KidPower Leadership Team is essential to every part of experience. Each leader practices skills applicable to any future career or job opportunity.

KidPower in Action!

Summer Leadership Opportunities

Every summer before the KWC’s summer camp season the KidPower Leadership Team receives an in-depth Entrepreneur Education to prepare them for a summer leadership role. In conjuction with their summer camp responsibilities, the KidPower team going through daily  practicum throughout the summer. This creates hands-on, real-life experiences that mold kids into leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers.

KidPower Leadership Board

The KidPower Leadership Board is essential to KWC culture. The Board consists of Touring Company High School students who support the mission of KWC by serving as leaders year-round. The internal Executive Board attends KWC corporate board meetings where they represent the voice of the Touring Company, in addition to conducting their own board meetings several times a month. The KidPower Board helps ensure every student who comes to KWC is empowered as a leader, valued as an artist, and personally cherished the same way they were when they started at KWC.

2023-2024 KidPower Leadership Board

  • President
    Evie Thiebaud
    Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  • Vice President
    Olivia Johnson
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Secretary
    Tia Atwood
    Burleson High School
  • Treasurer
    Sydney Walker
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Social Media Chair
    Laila Myles
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Member
    Ziara Ferrer
    Boswell High School
  • Member
    Mia Fullerton
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Member
    Gabrielle Jones
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Board Shadow
    Lexi Tucker
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
  • Board Shadow
    Courtney Warren
    Great Hearts
  • Board Shadow
    Catherine Bradley
    McLean Middle School
  • Board Shadow
    Rori Smith
    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts

Leadership Workshops For All

KWC offers KidPower Leadership workshops tailored to your specific audience and needs. Whether you are goal setting with your Board of Directors, designing a staff development retreat, or fulfilling scout badge requirements, our Professional Staff will energize, challenge, and motivate any team.

The essence of the  leadership style that KWC has created is a spirit of entrepreneur creativity and servant leadership. Click below to book a KidPower Leadership Workshop for your:

  • School, Class, or Student Council
  • Staff Meetings and Retreats
  • Board of Directors

KidPower Fund

In addition to their work at camp, the team is responsible for raising funds to provide a stipend for the student and camp staff positions. This process includes grassroots fundraising through out the year and a recently developed earned revenue component to ensure future stability for the fund.

You Can Help

Support of the KidPower Leadership Fund is an investment in the future – donate to the KidPower Fund today!