Act on Your Dreams

Started in 1989 by Deborah Jung, KWC Performing Arts is devoted to serving and celebrating kids. We’re proud to have over 34 years of history in Fort Worth, Texas, developing kids’ leadership skills alongside their love and knowledge of theatre.

Every year, KWC Performing Arts opens its doors for musical theatre classes, camps and productions. As part of our summer camp experience, we’re proud to host international students from all over the world. We also provide year-round leadership opportunities for kids, along with local, national and international tours of original musicals.

Maybe your child has dreams of performing or becoming a superstar leader. Perhaps you’re hoping to find a place your child feels comfortable enough to express themselves. Our team of theatre professionals, business leaders and gifted community volunteers teach kids the world of theatre — on stage and behind the scenes — along with entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Woven together, these lessons help kids think on their feet, creatively solve problems and build their self-confidence.

KWC Performing Arts believes in the super power of kids and we provide the space needed for them to show up as themselves, express themselves and, ultimately, gain the skills needed for the stage and life beyond.

Kids Served in 2022
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Our Mission

Guide the growth of our youth as artists and people, using performing arts to harness their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.


We believe in the superpowers of kids. We are here to serve them, to help them grow, to give them the tools they need to be the very best person they can be. We encourage them to explore their talents through performance, technical training, entrepreneurship and leadership for a wholistic learning experience.


With our KidPower Leadership Board, KWC empowers kids to take charge! From building the budget to promotions to running the show, our leadership team is prepared to take on any challenge in and outside of the theatre.


All kids are creative. Whether they are on stage, running a spotlight, or calling cues, we provide each kid who comes through KWC’s curtains with the opportunity to perform.


We are a compassionate, inclusive community that values every kid for their uniqueness. We appreciate our differences and use them to change the world.


Our kids have tenacity like no other. Because KWC treats them like professional performers, they understand the importance of knowing their stuff when they hit the stage, and that fuels their dedication.

Help Us Create Arts and Leadership Opportunities for All Kids

We won’t say it’s a magic formula, but something exceptional happens as kids see performances, study theatre and step on stage themselves. Your financial support ensures more kids have access to this life-changing opportunity to develop as individuals and leaders.


Who We Are

From its very inception KWC Performing Arts has welcomed all young people and families regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religion, age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We use performing arts to explore complex social justice issues, amplify marginalized voices, and foster opportunities to learn from artists and professionals of many backgrounds in our classes, camps, and workshops.

We recognize that, intentionally or not, arts communities have a history of systemic exclusion and inequity. This statement is our commitment to continuously learn, reflect, and take action to improve equity, inclusion, representation, accessibility, and diversity within all KWC does.

Statement Against Racism

KWC Performing Arts does not tolerate any form of racism, harassment, or bullying. We invest in anti-racist training and have promoted a staff & board working group focused on building anti-racism into the fabric of our organization. We acknowledge that becoming an anti-racist organization is an ongoing process with no finish line.

Our Commitment to DEIA

We prioritize DEIA in our practices which include, but are not limited to: equity on and off stage; continued DEIA training for staff, board members, and volunteer leadership; diversity in our programming and production teams; and continued partnership with the community to ensure audiences have access to KWC Performing Arts.

We understand that the foundation of a vibrant, thriving non-profit theatre is the cross-pollination of creative/diverse programming, the cultivation of inclusive practices and strategies, and the development of a diverse team of employees and volunteers who share these values.

We Celebrate our Alumni

Whether they’re an engineer building bridges in Seattle, in an English classroom in North Carolina, studying to be a marine biologist, or on a Broadway stage, KWC alumni continue to make a difference.

We have produced a generation of incredible people with wonderful stories.